Insect and Disease Control

See American Tree Experts for prevention & treatment

Many trees are susceptible to a variety of regional diseases and insect infestations, which often require a tree health specialist like those on our staff to make a diagnosis. See our certified arborists who can identify common insect and disease problems. We can offer preventive, long-term measures to help protect your trees. Some of the insects and diseases that affect trees and shrubs in our area:

This fungal disease attacks the foliage of trees, especially maple, white oak and ash.

Bark Invaders or Borers
Many favorite trees suffer from small wood-boring insects that bore into the trees in search of food and shelter, inhibiting the tree’s ability to transport food and nutrients.

Gypsy Moth
This destructive insect reached Wisconsin in the late 1980s. Gypsy moths feed on about 500 different species of trees and shrubs found in North America.

Leaf Feeders
These insects feed on leaves causing leaves to curl, wilt, or take on a yellow color.

Oak Wilt
This fungal disease affects red and white oaks.

Powdery Mildew
This fungal disease affects the above ground portion of many trees, especially the leaves.

Rhizosphaera Needle Cast
Another fungal disease that can cause deterioration of the appearance of pines and spruces—especially Colorado blue spruce.