Soil & Root Management

Healthy Soil & Roots = Healthy Trees

Warning signs of unhealthy trees can include light green leaves, browning needles, sparse leaves, or trunk damage. If you have concerns, we can work with you to develop an action plan for improvement and remediation.

  • Soil Remediation

    When a tree or shrub is in decline, the problem might be your soil conditions. The soil around your trees acts as a support system, enabling precious moisture, air and nutrients to reach tree roots. Simply put, if your soil isn’t healthy, your trees aren’t healthy.

    We can test your soil to determine if it’s depleted, sterile, nutrient deficient or compacted. We then employ various methods—for example, we might suggest adding organic matter and nutrients along with aerating the soil—to create an optimal environment to restore your trees to a healthy, vibrant state.

Root Management

Girdling roots can virtually choke and/or starve a tree to death. Additionally, trees with root problems are more susceptible to infection and disease. With the use of tools like an air spade, our tree care professionals can excavate to uncover the hidden issues causing a tree’s decline.

Our Services

Call today to arrange an onsite assessment and inspection of your property. We can help with a variety of services, including:

  • Girdling (strangling) root removal
  • Root collar excavation for deeply planted trees
  • Restoration of compacted soils to encourage root growth (with use of an air spade)
  • Nutrient deficiency correction
  • Mulching