Tree Cabling & Bracing Systems

See Us for Supplemental Cabling & Bracing

Certain trees can lose their structural integrity, due to improper pruning, poor tree structure, or weak branch unions. These trees can be unstable, particularly during periods of storms, high winds, or snow and ice accumulations. The result can be trees that split, or limbs that fall. We can help with cabling and bracing services, two of the most common forms of structural support for trees. These techniques are used to prevent failure of a tree, prolong the existence of a damaged tree, or reduce the hazard potential of a tree.

Cabling systems are installed high in a tree to support dangerous limbs or stabilize a weak branch union, for example. Bracing, or steel rods, can be installed where weak branches and stems come together, in order to provide rigid support. Cables can be used alone, but bracing is supplemented by cables.

Tree support systems should only be installed after our certified arborists conduct a thorough inspection of your tree’s structure. Based on the outcome of the inspection, we can recommend appropriate treatments and materials that may include tree support systems. The professionals at American Tree Experts are specially trained to offer this service.