More About Trees

More about trees and keeping them healthy

One of the first steps in keeping your trees healthy is inspecting them on a regular basis. ISA-certified arborists from American Tree Experts can perform these tree evaluations for you seasonally, or after damaging storms.

Remember, your trees may have already sustained damage due to storms, insects or disease. Evidence is not always apparent to the average homeowner, and a tree’s condition and stability can be dictated by what’s happening underground.

Our best advice is to call American Tree Expert certified arborists for professional help with potential problems. In the meantime, American Tree Experts has put together a list of helpful information, which includes tree identification, common tree problems, common insects and diseases, and more. Read more on these pages:

10 Best Trees for Wisconsin Landscapes
Consider using one of these excellent trees for your next planting project!

Common Tree Problems
From borers to winter injury, American Tree Experts presents some of the most obvious signs that your trees could be diseased or suffering.

Common Insects & Diseases
This page offers an overview of the insects and diseases that may threaten tree health.

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