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Your trees and bushes are an investment requiring routine maintenance just like a home or a car. Watering and mulching are do-it-yourself projects that can keep your yard looking its best. For some projects, like pruning, tree plantings & removals or disease diagnosis & treatment, it is always best to consult with a certified arborist.

Let the professionals at American Tree Experts tackle the projects necessary to keep your trees and bushes happy and healthy year after year. We will help you maximize their many benefits by providing customized solutions to fit your needs and budget.


Whether a condo association, business, school, university or property management company, it’s important to have professional management of your trees and shrubs. That’s why so many Southeast Wisconsin organizations partner with us for their customized maintenance plans. Our team helps control plant diseases and harmful pests, fertilizes as needed, and determines when to best prune trees.

Remember, it is critical to be proactive when caring for trees. Spotting trouble early could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in tree care expenses. So, be sure to contract with American Tree Experts to keep your properties looking healthy and beautiful all year long.