• Girdling Roots

    While many of us look up to recognize the beauty of tree foliage, what happens at the base of the tree is also key to maintaining good health. Trees planted too deeply in soil can develop what’s known as girdling roots. This happens when the roots encircle or “girdle” at the base and greatly reduce […]

  • Choose the right tree, plant in the right place

    Ever wonder how trees grow so majestic and mature? “Right tree, right place” takes some thoughtful planning. To begin, the biggest decision you’ll make is what tree to buy and where to plant it, so here are a few things to consider: A tree can impact the climate around a home. Shade trees offer cooling […]

  • What is a Champion Tree?

    The last thing ATE’s Dean Ziemienski was expecting to encounter while on a job site last fall was that of a champion tree. “I was called to a New Berlin home to remove a diseased and potentially hazardous elm tree in the backyard,” recalls Dean. “But another tree caught my eye as soon as we […]

  • Recognize tree risk and keep your property safe

    Property owners are responsible for maintaining tree safety on their landscape. While there is no such thing as a “safe” tree, regular maintenance and care can help identify tree hazards before there’s trouble. Here are some risk factors to monitor when assessing the safety of your trees: Age – Older trees pose more risks than new […]

  • Jesse Ziemienski provides business advice in the “Waukesha Freeman”

    Jesse Ziemienski was recently featured in the Waukesha Freeman where he provided some advice on transferring business ownership to the next generation. Like father, like son? Cautions, advice for transferring business ownership to the next generation Transferring ownership of a business from one generation of owners to the next isn’t as simple as signing a […]

  • Emerald Ash Borer continues on its march of destruction

    Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has invaded southeast Wisconsin with a vengeance. In Wisconsin, we have approximately 800 million ash trees and about eight billion in U.S. forests. According to American Forests, a nonprofit conservation organization, these trees have an estimated value of $280 billion dollars. We are on track to lose nearly all of them […]

  • Dean and Jesse Attend Association Conventions

    American Tree Experts stays updated on the tree care industry in order to provide the best tree care possible. That is why Dean Ziemienski attended the Tree Care Industry Association’s “Winter Management Conference” in Rio Mar, Puerto Rico from February 5 – 9. While there he learned and shared knowledge with industry peers, discussed business solutions, and celebrated […]

  • Winter is an ideal time for tree pruning

    The yard has been raked and tidied up, garden tools have been cleaned and stored, and the lawn mower has been put away; all of the yard work is complete until next spring, right? Not exactly. What many people don’t realize is that the winter is an excellent time to prune trees. Why now? Sometimes, […]

  • Five reasons to take a closer look at your trees this fall

    When temperatures cool and fall finally takes hold in Wisconsin, it is a great time to inspect your trees and shrubs. Here are five reasons why you can use the fall season to help your trees live better, longer lives. Easier to spot signs of trouble. Many diseases will infect trees and shrubs in spring […]

  • “Fall” into planting a tree this time of year

    We all recognize the colorful changing leaves on our trees right now, but did you know these months are also one of the best times to plant a tree? Why now? The sustained period of cooler weather reduces top growth in trees while the warmer soils that don’t dry out due to summer heat stimulate […]