Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning Keeps Your Trees Healthy, Beautiful & Safe

We prune young trees to establish good structure and to mimic what would occur naturally in a forest, enabling your young trees to mature into strong, resilient trees. Moreover, trees pruned while young tend to require less pruning as they age.

Pruning of mature trees can reduce safety hazards by removing deadwood and weak limbs, which could fall to the ground. Removal of dead branches also helps to prevent decay from spreading in a tree. Pruning is also performed to remove diseased or insect-infested branches from trees and shrubs. Our experts will determine the proper pruning techniques that are most suitable for each tree’s type and age.

The knowledgeable certified arborists at American Tree Experts can determine whether the trees and shrubs on your property would benefit from pruning. Call, email or use our online form to contact us.

Pruning young and mature trees at regular intervals helps to promote good tree health and increases the value and beauty of your property.