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Did you know that trees are much easier to care for in the dormant season? As we enter the coldest stretch of the year, make sure your trees can handle any challenge and be ready for spring.

Follow these recommended tips:

Mulch – Add a layer of organic mulch (about 2 to 4 inches deep) to protect the tree roots in a cold climate. Start adding mulch about three inches from the trunk and spread out along the tree base to the crown.
Prune – With no leaves on the trees, take a look at the tree’s structure. Remove any deadwood and make small pruning cuts to minimize exposure to decay. Preserve as many living branches as possible and make few selective cuts.
Wrap – If you planted new trees this year, the bark may not be fully developed. Wrap young trees to prevent animals from chewing and/or rubbing against them.
Water – If rain or snowfall amounts are below average in the winter months, it’s recommended to water trees to keep them from drying out. Once or twice a month watering is advised when the temperature reaches above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consult with ATE’s certified arborists for more information on winter prep, including how to sign up for our Plant Health Care (PHC) annual maintenance program.