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If you want to ensure that your newly planted tree is off to a healthy start, here’s what we recommend to help them mature and thrive in your landscape.

New trees sometimes need protection from several hazards including lawnmower and string trimmer damage in the summer to buck rub in the fall and early winter. Installing a mulch ring around your new tree will not only benefit your tree by improving the soil and conserving moisture but will also act as a buffer to prevent lawn mowers or string trimmers from getting too close and damaging the trunk. If you fastened a tight plastic protector to a tree, be sure to remove it during the growing season, otherwise, it can hold moisture against the trunk, causing rot. These are also favorite places for bugs to nest, which can damage trunks. Any staking and guying material fastened to your tree to keep it straight should be removed one full year after planting. It is important to remove this material to allow the tree to develop in a way that it can support itself and to prevent any girdling that may occur from these materials.

Keep your trees and shrubs healthy all year long by placing them on our annual care program. We offer customizable year-round service to develop annual tree management plans for immediate and long-term care needs. Contact us for a Plant Health Care (PHC) consultation.