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Homeowners are wise to consider their trees when preparing a home for severe summer weather. High winds and stormy weather take their toll on trees, leading to split limbs and broken branches. In the aftermath, the damage can be a hazard for people and your property.

But tree care professionals say being proactive with your trees and shrubs can shine a light on early signs of trouble and lead to significant savings in overall tree care expenses.

Jeff, an ATE customer in Walworth County, knows that routine tree maintenance makes a difference.

“We had a really bad thunderstorm a few years ago. My neighbors had trees down on their houses and on their wires. I didn’t have any problems. Because I take regular care of my trees with American Tree Experts, they were less susceptible to failure with the strong winds.”

Here are some things to keep in mind for the landscape before summer arrives:

  • Inspect your trees. Check out the bark, tree trunks, the root system, branches, and the overall tree canopy. Do you notice any broken limbs? Disease or insects? Exposed roots? If something doesn’t look right, contact a professional arborist for a check-up.
  • Prune trees regularly. This simple act greatly reduces the amount of damage trees can cause to your home during a storm, and cuts down on wind resistance, which can further harm trees. Some pruning may even be done by the homeowner. And for any tall, difficult, or sensitive trees that require special attention, our certified tree workers are ready to help.
  • Establish a year-round tree care plan. Our certified arborists are trained to notice any defect or issue your trees may have and how to deal with these hazards, especially when following a Plant Health Care (PHC) program. Our team maintains a detailed inventory of trees and shrubs, their size, condition, and treatment history. A PHC program covers basic tree maintenance and helps ward off unwanted issues.

Don’t wait until after a big summer storm to take action. Contact American Tree Experts for a consultation and learn how you can be proactive in caring for your home and landscape.