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Any time of year, they come knocking.

Door-to-door salespeople claiming to be professional arborists will offer to remove trees that they incorrectly diagnose as dead or diseased and provide other subpar services that do not conform to ANSI standards. These people may seem legitimate but don’t take their word for it. Do your homework before deciding to hire any tree care company.

A reputable tree care business typically does not:

  • Solicit work by going door-to-door
  • Demand to be paid upfront
  • Promote topping trees, an unacceptable industry practice
  • Work without an estimate or contract

At American Tree Experts, customers can trust our third-generation tree care company and more than 70 years of service in the greater Milwaukee area.

We share the following details about our business with all customers:

When you hire ATE, you are assured of our knowledge of the latest industry practices, techniques and tools. We are dedicated to protecting you and your property when performing services at your home or business. Contact us today.