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Trees are more than something beautiful. Trees clean the air we breathe, create oxygen, and provide sound barriers around homes and businesses. Trees are also energy efficient, offering natural cooling shade in the summer and blocking the harsh winds of winter.

All things considered, it is easy to see there is a real dollar value attached to properly selected and placed trees in your landscape. In fact, if a tree or shrub is lost in a storm, it is possible to claim the loss on an insurance claim, or on a federal income tax form.

To determine the value of trees and shrubs, American Tree Experts follows guidelines for valuation, which are accepted by many insurance companies, the legal system, and the IRS, depending upon the circumstances. We can assess the lost value in a way that will be acceptable for a potential claim.

But even before a tree suffers damage, or is considered a loss, we recommend the following steps:

  • Always develop and design landscape for beauty and practical value.
  • Protect and care for trees so they remain a good investment.
  • Keep up-to-date records of landscape and real estate appraisal on any losses.
  • Review insurance policies. In some situations, the maximum value for a single tree or shrub is $750.
  • Maintain a photo file of trees and landscape when in good health. This will provide evidence if a damage claim must be filed.

Informed property owners realize the worth of investing in trees to enhance their beauty and increase property values. Ask American Tree Experts about a tree diagnosis and assessment, along with evaluation of trees for legal or tax purposes. We are always ready to help.