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Spring and early summer are excellent times to get reacquainted with your landscape as you prepare for yard cleanup and planting. We recommend taking this opportunity to get a good “read” on your trees.

  • Do you notice large, dead branches in the crown of a tree?
  • Are there any deep splits in a tree or the appearance of soft, crumb-like wood?
  • Is a favorite tree’s canopy now within inches of overhead power lines?

Sometimes, solving serious problems indicated by the signs of disease, decay or location are not an easy fix. When there are no options available to safely maintain a tree, the last resort is to have it removed.

Tree and stump removal can be dangerous work so safety is always a priority. Our team of professionals at American Tree Experts is trained to recognize and correct any hazards with tree removal services:

  • We follow industry recommended best practices and thoughtfully plan how to remove trees for minimal impact to the landscape
  • Extensive training and specialty equipment help us manage all facets of a tree’s removal
  • Our team will take out the tree, grind the stump into mulch and clean up the site before we leave your property
  • If you want to replace the tree, we also offer “right tree, right place” suggestions for successful growth


If you have questions, contact our experienced team of tree care professionals.