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Take a look at this red maple tree. Its canopy of fall foliage adds incredible richness to the landscape.

Stunning as they are, many red maples are susceptible to chlorosis. It’s a condition that causes yellow, discolored leaves because the tree lacks chlorophyll.

Why does this occur?

When trees are planted in higher pH soil, there can be an insufficient amount of available iron, manganese and organic matter to help them thrive. Extreme temperatures, poor drainage and drought conditions also curb the amount of nutrients for trees that are more vulnerable to chlorosis. Other trees easily affected include pin oak, white oak, river birch, tulip tree, sweet gum, bald cypress, magnolia, and white pine.

Manganese injections usually clear up the deficiency in red maples and only have to be applied every three years. American Tree Experts is applying these treatments right now. See the difference before and after. The bottom left picture shows maple leaves before ATE treated the tree, and the bottom right is post-treatment.


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