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If you have a fall checklist, it likely includes a good amount of yard work. So, while you’re outdoors raking leaves and finishing up the final weeks of lawn mowing, here are some things to consider for your trees before winter is here.

  • Water during dry periods – Water trees from now through autumn until the ground is frozen. Deep watering promotes root growth and allows trees to access water deep in the soil during dry periods when the upper layers of soil lacks moisture. Young trees need the moisture before winter. Water trees that have just been planted at the base. Mature trees should be irrigated within the dripline.
  • Be sure to mulch – Mulch stabilizes and creates a natural environment for tree growth. It controls weeds and increases the amount of moisture available to trees. A properly applied layer of mulch also keeps the lawnmower and trimmer from getting too close to the tree and causing damage.
  • Treat for diseases – Many trees and shrubs become infected early in the year or throughout the summer. You might not notice any changes until much later after the disease has spread. That’s why fall is an ideal time to inspect and treat trees to bring them back to good health.
  • Prune those branches – Trees may require pruning now that they have completed another full season of growth. Now is a great time to schedule tree pruning services for the winter months, which is an excellent time to prune trees for a number or reasons.  Consult with our professional arborists about species that must be pruned after November 1 to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Plant a new tree –Fall is an excellent time to plant new trees. Roots systems become very active in fall and planting a new tree in fall helps it to become established before next year’s growing season begins. Be sure to keep watering any new tree before the ground freezes.

 If you have specific questions or concerns about your trees, contact American Tree Experts for more information.