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There are many reasons to select a new tree for planting. Do you want it to serve a specific purpose in your landscape? Perhaps you are hoping to attract a range of bird species to the yard or hope to increase the amount of shade that falls on the backyard patio.

Consider the “right tree, right place” by following our checklist:

  • Is the tree hardy? Examine how well it can withstand extreme heat or cold in your plant hardiness zone
  • How much will it grow? Know the height and crown spread to help decide if you have the yard space to accommodate the tree
  • Is there a lot of maintenance involved? Figure out what the tree requires for moisture and fertilizer. Recognize that a routine annual maintenance program like ATE’s Plant Health Care (PHC) service may best serve your tree needs
  • What will it look like in my yard? Tree features include flowers, fruit and foliage along with bark color, texture and branch structure

Contact our tree care specialists for more information on the best-performing trees in your area to suit your landscape. We’ll conduct a close analysis of soil conditions, disease and insect problems, nearby roads, sidewalks and power lines to guide in your decision-making.