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Each year, trees lose their leaves and go dormant during the winter months. But this “quiet” time doesn’t mean our tree care experts put away their tools for the season.

Winter offers arborists a terrific opportunity to see trees up close – without the foliage – and inspect them for potential hazards and pruning needs. Drive by any neighborhood right now and you will likely see our tree care specialists on the ground or up in the trees continuing our commitment to the health and vitality of your community landscapes.

Here’s our recommended approach to winter maintenance:

Pruning – Right now, arborists have an optimum view of a tree’s structure. Deadwood is more easily cleared away and any structural faults in the tree can be corrected. Live branches that need to be removed can be done so without the risk of infection from certain diseases. No matter the season, our goal is always to prune carefully to preserve tree health while minimizing tree hazards.

Tree removals – Dead or hazardous trees are vulnerable to falling and causing damage when winter storms pass through, so it’s important to remove them appropriately. The frozen ground allows us to better access trees with our equipment and minimize the impact on the surrounding landscape. Perennials are dormant right now and not susceptible to harm when removing trees near them.

Book for tree care now – We may still be in the thick of winter, but we encourage you to schedule tree care service before spring arrives. Once spring hits, our schedules fill quickly, so reach out to us today.

Remember, caring for trees during the winter will promote a more beautiful, richer display in spring. Contact ATE’s certified arborists and they’ll help you take advantage of this ideal time to keep your trees healthy and happy.