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Snow and trees create a beautiful display during our coldest time of year. While there’s always concern about the impact of snowfall, they can co-exist quite well.

Snow protects a tree’s root system – A blanket of snow helps insulate trees from the drastic temperature changes that occur, which could damage or even destroy them. The snow provides a more stable ground temperature to promote a healthier root system. We need snow to add moisture in order for trees to display a bountiful leaf out in spring.

Removing snow from trees – If the snow is light, there’s no need to clear it from branches. If it’s a much heavier snowfall, carefully brush it off by hand or use a broom and remove it with upward strokes. Another option is to gently shake the branches, but they are more fragile during the colder months, so proceed with caution. If possible, clear away snow several times during a snowstorm to minimize the impact. If there’s ice, don’t attempt to chip it away. It will result in broken tree branches.

A few broken limbs are okay – We call this pruning by way of Mother Nature. Branches will be lost in a snowstorm. We recommend cleaning up the tree with a few professional pruning cuts to ensure beauty and vitality.