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Ever wonder how trees grow so majestic and mature? “Right tree, right place” takes some thoughtful planning. To begin, the biggest decision you’ll make is what tree to buy and where to plant it, so here are a few things to consider:

A tree can impact the climate around a home. Shade trees offer cooling relief in the summer, then once the leaves fall, the sun’s rays warm the home in winter. Evergreens are planted as windbreaks. In the city, a street tree reduces glare from street lights, combats pollution and provides oxygen. Healthy, green trees improve property values and the overall quality of life in a neighborhood.

There are many tree sizes to choose from depending upon the location. A large mature tree will produce the most economical and environmental benefit. A low, spreading tree is ideal for planting under overhead utility lines. A narrow evergreen may provide a privacy screen between two buildings.

In order for the tree to properly grow, the site and soil conditions must be optimal. Are there any issues with drainage in the desired location? What’s the hardiness zone? Is the tree in a high-traffic area for kids and residents? It’s recommended that an arborist test the soil to determine which trees are best for the property.

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