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Now that another harsh winter has passed, spring is a good time of year to take a closer look at trees to determine potential damage or dangers. Here are a few common issues to look out for regarding your trees and shrubs:

  • Recently planted tree shows little growth
    • There can be numerous causes for this problem. We recommended you call for an immediate inspection.
  • Tips of branches broken off and on the ground
    • This is likely just damage from squirrels or other wild animals and does not pose a serious threat to tree health.
  • Leaves are spotted, small, or yellow and brown in color
    • Irregularities in tree foliage could be the result of something serious. It’s best to get a professional diagnosis.
  • Bark damage at the base of the tree
    • Think back to mowing season. Is it possible that a string trimmer was too close to
      the tree and left marks? Bark damage can also come from small animals chewing on the tree. We recommend mulching or adding a trunk guard to protect the tree from harm.