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To ensure a healthy life, most people visit a doctor on a regular basis. These annual visits help you stay ahead of potential threats to your body and keep you well.

As living organisms, trees are best cared for in the same way. By being proactive with your trees and shrubs you can spot early signs of trouble, fend off emergency treatments, avoid unnecessary removals and save up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars in tree care expenses.

Through our Plant Health Care programs, our certified arborists maintain a detailed inventory of your trees and shrubs, logging their size, condition and treatment history. An updated inventory helps plan for basic maintenance and can help predict future tree care needs.

Our annual Plant Health Care programs may include services such as:

  • Time-sensitive treatments for specific trees
  • Pruning based on established pruning cycles
  • Hazardous or undesirable tree removals
  • Tree / shrub replacement preparations

American Tree Experts offers affordable and customizable year-round service plans based on both your immediate tree care needs and the long-term goals for your landscape. For more information about Plant Health Care, be sure to contact us today. It could save you some serious green!