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We all recognize the colorful changing leaves on our trees right now, but did you know these months are also one of the best times to plant a tree?

Why now? The sustained period of cooler weather reduces top growth in trees while the warmer soils that don’t dry out due to summer heat stimulate root growth. So when spring arrives next year, the new tree will be ready for the rain and warmer conditions, which will promote top growth and will have a stronger root system in place once the dry hot part of summer arrives.

Not sure what to plant in your yard? Be sure to contact your arborist for recommendations that fit your goals, your property and our Wisconsin climate. One of our suggestions at American Tree Experts is the yellowwood tree, (Cladrastis kentukea).

Native to the southern Appalachian Mountains, the yellowwood tree is rarely found in Wisconsin, but we like it because the yellowwood is beautiful to look at year-round. The tree is filled with fragrant white blooms that grow in long clusters in the spring; yellow, gold or copper leaves adorn the tree before dropping in the fall, and showy whitish-gray seedpods develop in the fall and hang on during winter.

What you should know about the Yellowwood:

  • It’s a great shade tree, growing to 30-40 feet in height with a 40-50 foot spread
  • Zone approved for southeast Wisconsin
  • Pruning is required to maintain strong structure
  • No major concerns with pests or disease

Fun facts about the Yellowwood

  • The tree tends to flower more abundantly every second or third year
  • Bees are attracted to the flowers, but birds and other wildlife do not eat the seeds
  • Summer is the best time to prune yellowwoods to avoid excessive bleeding

When looking for professional tree care, be sure to consider experts certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and/or the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). They are the most knowledgeable and well-trained in industry practices, techniques and tools.

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