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When temperatures cool and fall finally takes hold in Wisconsin, it is a great time to inspect your trees and shrubs. Here are five reasons why you can use the fall season to help your trees live better, longer lives.

  • Easier to spot signs of trouble. Many diseases will infect trees and shrubs in spring or throughout the summer, but they do not become apparent until later in the year after the disease has grown and spread.
  • Early leaf loss could be a clue. Stressed trees will often turn color and drop leaves earlier than surrounding trees. Once a stressed tree is detected, it is important to have a certified arborist inspect the tree to determine the cause.
  • Perfect for pruning. With the spring/summer growing season behind us, trees are often better suited for pruning to help them properly grow and mature. In fact, some cannot be pruned until after Nov. 1st to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Ideal for treatments. The fall season is best for treatments to correct chlorosis – yellowish sickly-looking foliage you may have spotted during the spring/summer months. To bring a chlorotic tree back to full health next year, treatments should begin in the coming weeks.
  • Tree roots will thank you. Nutrient deficiencies in the soil can cause stunted growth and other issues with trees and shrubs. Because root systems see increased activity in the fall, now is a great time for fertilization.

If you have specific questions or concern about your trees, be sure to contact your American Tree Experts or call us directly at 262-542-0404.