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Jesse Ziemienski was recently featured in the Waukesha Freeman where he provided some advice on transferring business ownership to the next generation.

Like father, like son?

Cautions, advice for transferring business ownership to the next generation

Transferring ownership of a business from one generation of owners to the next isn’t as simple as signing a form and figuratively handing over the reins. Jesse Ziemienski, owner and president of American Tree Experts in New Berlin, knows that all too well, having taken the business over from his father and preparing to hand it down to his son.

“There is so much chemistry involved and every situation is different,” Ziemienski said. “You need to have someone who is interested and wants to do it.”

American Tree Experts was founded in 1950 by Ziemienski’s father, Chester, and now Ziemienski is preparing to pass it to his son Dean, who is vice president.

Ziemienski said it’s important that an owner grooms the next generation to properly take over the business early so they reach the point where they really want to do it. He said it’s also important for business owners to realize there is much involved with running a business, such as employee and customer issues, taxes and insurance…..

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