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There are numerous tree species considered ideal for conditions in southeastern Wisconsin. Here are three uncommon shade trees recommended by American Tree Expert’s Board-Certified Master Arborist Jesse Ziemienski that will do well in most environments.

Mystic Ruby Buckeye

Oval in shape, the red-flowered Buckeye tree features dark green leaves and is majestic once fully grown. The tree can reach a height of 50 feet with a 15-foot canopy spread. The Mystic Ruby™ is considered a hardier version of the buckeye trees with minimal leaf blotch and leaf scorch problems. Not only does it produce a pinkish-red flower, it also supplies a decent crop of nuts.

 State Street Miyabe Maple

Another solid choice for a residential or commercial tree, the State Street™ Miyabe Maple bears thick, green leaves that stay with the tree well into autumn before they turn a pale golden-yellow. It’s an extremely tough shade tree that grows fast and large mostly in full sun – reaching heights of over 40 feet once mature. Particularly beautiful in the fall, the tree is also known for its attractive bark and often serves as a refuge for birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife.

 Tulip Tree 

Mention a tulip tree and people who enjoy the spring blooms will also be pleased with the color provided by this large shade tree. The tulip tree features bright green leaves with interesting greenish-yellow, tulip-like flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer. Plant a tulip tree in full sun in the spring or fall in moist, well-drained soil. Fast-growing, it can reach 12 feet tall by six feet wide in as little as four years. Once mature, a tulip tree can grow to 80 feet in height.