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Do you have dead trees on your property that need to be removed and replaced? Have you moved into a new home or are contemplating ways to improve curb appeal? Spring is the time to envision what your landscape will look like in the months ahead.

Why plant now?

Tree roots are active in the spring when the weather is typically cooler and less stressful to plants. These conditions help trees better establish their roots in a new home before the summer heat and dryness are upon us.

How to get started:

 The Type of Tree – Select a tree that is hardy for our climate and soil type, (Southeastern Wisconsin is Zone 5). American Tree Experts provides advice on trees that will grow well in southeastern Wisconsin. Whether you’re looking for trees to provide privacy, shade, seasonal color or more, our tree care specialists can help select and plant the trees that will work best in your landscape.

Location, Location, Location – Where you plant is just as important as what you plant.

Arborists have a saying in the industry: “right tree, right place”. Often times, trees are planted too close to a house or building, or each other. This mantra not only ensures that a tree will enhance your property, but also prevent any future problems.

Trees Need Care – Care must be provided during tree planting and in the days and weeks following. Proper watering for the first year after planting is often the most critical thing to do. New trees need adequate water but too much water can be just as harmful as not enough water. ATE’s certified arborists are specially trained to place trees to ensure the health of the landscape based on moisture, soil, winds, and other conditions that could impact the tree.