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Today’s homeowners recognize the value of their property’s curb appeal and value their landscape as an asset that needs routine maintenance just like a home.

As more people look to maintain and improve their properties, there is a growing need for Plant Health Care (PHC) programs. Many are eager to eradicate invasive species like emerald ash borer (EAB) and diseases that can destroy their investment.

It’s critical to be proactive. Notice trouble signs in your yard early and it could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in tree care expenses later on.

Discolored leaves, dead branches, or early leaf drop from trees are examples of issues that should motivate homeowners to consult with a professional arborist for treatment. It’s why arborists created PHC programs – to maintain or improve the landscape’s appearance, vitality and safety using cost-effective and environmentally-friendly practices and treatments.

PHC involves routine monitoring, preventive solutions, and a good working relationship between the arborist and the customer. Reach out to us today for a consultation.

Our yearly PHC programs at American Tree Experts include:

  • Time-sensitive treatments to control plant diseases
  • Treatments to control harmful insect pests
  • Tree and shrub fertilizing
  • Established cycles for pruning trees
  • Nutrient deficient remediation


“West Penn Power Removing Ash Trees to Help Prevent Outages” flickr photo by FirstEnergy Corp. shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license