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Each year, invasive pests kill food crops around the world. Eighty-percent of the food we eat comes from plants, not to mention the air that we breathe. Many forms of wildlife often rely on trees for shelter, and people count turn to them for shade and protection from the elements.

The United Nations has named 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health. It’s an effort to make the world pay attention to the ways that we can better protect plants and trees against devastating invasive species and improve their survival rates.

Our affordable Plant Health Care (PHC) programs provide regular maintenance to your trees and shrubs. These services help you take preventative steps in avoiding potentially costly, reactive measures down the road.

Plant Health Care programs include:

  • Treatments for diseases, insects and pests
  • Fertilizations
  • Pruning
  • Nutrition evaluation and recommendations
  • And more…

Accept the worldwide challenge to boost plant health. Improve your landscape’s appearance and vitality with a consultation from our PHC experts today.

Did You Know?

ATE also plants trees and can make expert recommendations on which trees are right for your yard.