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Fall is less than a month away and an excellent time for tree planting. Here are a few suggestions on how to best place your new tree in the ground.

Take a look at the first photo below. This is an example of the wrong way to plant a tree. You’ll notice that not one of the ropes, burlap, or wire was removed to encourage root growth in this newly planted tree.  Make sure that a new tree is planted at the proper height. Here, too much of the burlap-covered root ball is above the soil grade. The trunk’s flare (where the trunk expands at the base of the tree) should be somewhat visible after the tree has been put in the ground.

Compare it to the tree in second photo and you’ll see that this one is planted to the correct depth, where the root flare is beginning. Soil was packed around the base of the root ball to stabilize it and eliminate air pockets that may dry out the roots. Mulch is spread around the tree base to hold moisture, and reduce competition from grass and weeds – all part of the necessary steps for proper tree planting.