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As a homeowner, Marc Whitney recognizes there will always be maintenance and regular upkeep of his landscape no matter how long he lives there.

His two-story Colonial home, situated on picturesque corner of an established neighborhood in Waukesha, was built more than 30 years ago. It became apparent this spring that a variety of trees planted around that same time were in dire need of attention.

“There was overgrowth of an abundance of trees in our yard,” says Whitney. “Minimal trimming was done by the homeowners over time and the lack of annual maintenance led to an unruly situation. I knew a lot needed to be done, but I needed help in understanding which issues should take priority.”

Whitney sourced several estimates from tree care companies, including American Tree Experts (ATE). Board Certified Master Arborist Jesse Ziemienski conducted a walk-through of the property and proposed the removal and stump grinding of a White Ash tree, and the pruning of a Sugar Maple and a Red Maple Tree.

“Jesse viewed all the trees, explained his recommendations and why he felt this was the path we should take,” recalls Whitney. “He was clear, concise and certainly knew the topic.”

Whitney chose ATE to perform the tree work and a climbing crew was assigned to his property.

“Isaiah and Mitchell were professional and efficient,” Whitney says. “They explained to me what they were doing along with their process. I wanted to know what they were trimming and how what they were doing fit into an overall pattern of caring for other trees moving forward.”

Whitney says a staff member later returned to backfill and seed the area where the White Ash tree was removed to complete the project. This was his first experience hiring ATE. Whitney says he will use their services again.

“Jesse helped me prioritize my tree care needs, both for today and for whenever ’round two’ happens. It was nice to simply have a professional tell me what looked healthy, what needed to be cared for and what was beyond saving.”

Now when Whitney looks out at his yard, he’s firmly okay with the idea of spending more time mowing his lawn.

“I really hope the grass grows in this summer! The tree work opened up the yard in a way we haven’t seen in a long time. Also, it helps make the other work that needs to be done stand out, but that is probably because I am a little wiser about what should be cared for and what trees are next on the ‘to-do’ list.”