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Trees may go dormant in the winter months, but the season allows arborists a better view to inspect trees for potential hazards and pruning needs. Right now, you’ll see our tree care teams continuing our commitment to tree health care – whether on the ground or up in the trees.

Pruning during the winter allows arborists a better look at tree structure. We can more easily clear away deadwood, correct structural faults in the tree, and cut limbs to minimize exposure to decay. The key is to prune carefully to preserve as many living branches as possible.

Winter is an excellent time to perform tree removals. The ground is frozen, allowing us to access trees with our equipment while minimizing the impact to surrounding turf and landscaping. Perennials are dormant and will not sustain any damage, which is often unavoidable when removing trees in close proximity to them during the growing season. Dead or hazardous trees are vulnerable to causing damage or falling when winter storms pass through, so it’s important to take them down.

If you want a more enjoyable yard with beautiful, well-maintained trees to enjoy once the weather warms, now is the time to schedule your tree care services. It is not unusual for us to be booked out for several months, therefore, we encourage scheduling tree care services now so that your trees will be taken care of by the time spring arrives.

Remember, caring for trees during a difficult season will promote a more beautiful, richer display in spring. Reach out to ATE’s certified arborists for how to set up a year-round plant health care (PHC) plan for your trees.