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Arborist wood chips are locally sourced ground-up branches and logs from trees that were pruned or removed. Studies have shown that wood chips are one of the best options when selecting a type of mulch to use in terms of moisture retention, weed control, temperature moderation, and sustainability.

Arborist wood chips prevent compaction due to their irregular composition of wood, bark, twigs, leaves, and varying chip size. Commercial brands of uniform mulch purchased at a store often compact and create a thick mat, causing water to run off and not infiltrate tree root zones.

Arborist wood chips support a more diverse community of organisms due to their varying size and composition. This biologically diverse soil community will in turn support a diverse and healthy plant community.

Decomposing arborist wood chips provide important nutrients for lasting tree health. These nutrients are supplied slowly through the soil during the decomposition process. Enhanced plant productivity and health are often cited as reasons why wood chips are superior to commercial mulch.