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Discolored leaves. Early leaf drop. Dead branches. Identifying tree issues before they become a major problem is increasingly important to residential and commercial customers.

“Each year, ATE evaluates our trees and makes sensible, economical suggestions,” says one Brookfield homeowner. “Using their Plant Health Care (PHC) program, they prevented emerald ash borer (EAB) in a large ash tree that shades our living room. They restored our sugar maple tree to full health when part of the root system was lost bringing city water to our house.”

Because this customer enrolled in on-going tree care services, ATE was able to secure the health and well-being of their favorite trees over time, maintaining the value and curb appeal of the wooded property.

“When a tree is diseased and 40 or 50-percent in decline, it’s too far along to be saved,” says Dean Ziemienski, ATE vice president. “Being proactive is one of the tenets of plant health care. Early intervention can save thousands of dollars in tree care expenses over time.”

Our certified arborists lead various PHC service programs, which include:

• Pruning
• Treatments
• Fertilizing
• Root & Soil Health
• Nutrient Management

Our expert arborists study and inventory our PHC customers’ trees and shrubs, determine the size, current condition and past treatments. This information is recorded and used to develop a routine maintenance plan – for both immediate and long-term care needs.

Partner with us on Plant Health Care (PHC) to protect your landscape investment. Call us today for a consultation.