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In the middle of winter, the ground is frozen. Trees are not able to access water, so it is important that you are watering your trees in autumn as necessary. Here are a few tips:

  • Evergreen trees in particular will benefit from being watered before winter since they retain most of their foliage year round. They need enough moisture in the ground to make up for the water they lose through their needles during the winter months or else needles may turn brown and die.
  • Water deeply (at least 1-2 feet deep at a time) until the ground is frozen. Deep watering encourages proper root growth so that the trees will be able to access water farther down in the soil.
  • Young trees need adequate moisture to establish roots in preparation for winter. Newly planted trees should be watered at the base, while more mature trees should be watered at the dripline.
  • You can keep watering trees in late autumn up until the ground freezes.