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Urban trees are subjected to many stress factors, which can negatively affect their root system. This includes competing with other trees and turf, poor soil, and nearby concrete and buildings.

Sometimes trees are planted in the wrong conditions where the soil is too wet, too dry or lacking acidity.

Mulching is always a great step, because it replicates the natural forest floor where all trees come from. Mulch improves the soil structure, conserves moisture and adds nutrients back into the soil.

At American Tree Experts, we also apply a hydraulic injection of liquid fertilizer into the tree root zone. Our custom blend of slow-release nutrients and bio root stimulants will improve the health of your tree. And healthy trees are more capable of fighting the pathogens trying to destroy them.

Maintain the health of your trees with annual checkup programs from American Tree Experts. It’s an investment that can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected tree removal and replacement costs.