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Zachariah’s Acres is a unique place where children with special needs, and their families, can enjoy nature and experience the outdoors.

The non-profit 501(c)(3) is located on a beautiful, 48-acre spread in the Town of Oconomowoc in Waukesha County, surrounded by open fields, scenic wooded trails, ponds and rolling hills.

“We’re committed to preserving and protecting the land as we open the world of agriculture and nature-based learning to kids with disabilities,” says Terry Bartowitz, president of Zachariah’s Acres. “Special children can actively participate on our accessible campus because we build for the child confined to a wheel chair. If he or she can plant, harvest, fish, visit the tree house, or roll in the pine tunnel, then most children with special needs are also accommodated.”

American Tree Experts President Jesse Ziemienski was so impressed with the mission behind Zachariah’s Acres that the company became a community partner.

“We met Terry three years ago when he hired us to snowplow his real estate holding properties in Brookfield and New Berlin,” recalls Jesse. “Through our conversations, I realized that Terry co-founded and operated Zachariah’s Acres. I asked if he needed wood chips at the property. We’ve been donating to them ever since.”

Each year, ATE chooses a non-profit to support with a donated project or service. Terry called Jesse earlier this year asking about a large, dead oak tree that he needed taken down on his property in Brookfield. Jesse said he would do the job for free, as long as the expected cost would be used to fund the ministry at Zachariah’s Acres.

“Jesse is calm, easy to communicate with and a man of his word,” says Terry. “When he offered to donate wood chips, he delivered them to us within 24 hours and asked if we wanted more. Jesse follows through with timeliness and professionalism that strengthens our business relationship. He uses common sense in his approach that really stands out in our world today.”

Terry ads, “The ministry of Zachariah’s Acres is named after an incredible boy with physical and cognitive challenges who simply wants to feel acknowledge, included, accepted, and loved. Jesse and his team at American Tree Experts help us make that a reality for him, and thousands of other special children.”