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Every year we take calls from valued ATE customers who say they’ve had door-to-door visits from tree service companies looking to peddle their chainsaw services. These folks are not looking out for your best interest; they are often just trying to make a quick buck off of local homeowners before moving on to the next Wisconsin community on their hit list.

These scam artists will try to scare you, and even outright lie to you, about the condition of your trees. They are often untrained workers that do not follow proper safety and tree care protocols. Some will even take your money and run, leaving a job unfinished and doing much more harm than good.

Remember: when hiring an arborist always be sure to:

  • Ask for a certificate of insurance to be sent to you from their insurance agent.
  • Ask for their ISA certification number and simply verify it online.
  • Avoid door-to-door contractors
  • Watch out for outrageously “good deals” on service
  • Never pay up front for their services
  • Research the company online