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Jeff, a long-time customer of American Tree Experts (ATE), owns a waterfront home surrounded by one-and-a-quarter acres on picturesque Lake Beulah in Walworth County.

With the exception of a few pines, Jeff says the majority of trees on site today were already planted on the land when his family purchased the lakefront property more than 50 years ago.

“Those trees are beautiful and have been here forever. I knew that I wanted to continue to take really good care of them.”

The numerous significant oaks, and the ash and pine trees are considered an investment, so Jeff understood that he needed a reliable tree consultant to maintain their health and well-being. In addition, he recognized that the breathtaking view of Lake Beulah would become much less visible over time because of tree growth. Bottom line, it was important for Jeff to retain the viability of his property, and contract with a tree care company for annual routine maintenance.

American Tree Experts has been conducting tree service on Jeff’s property for the last ten years. This year, ATE’s professional arborists Dean, Russ and Mike worked the point on the lakefront property, removing a dead ash tree, raising the canopies to enhance lake views, and working high in the trees to remove deadwood. Next year, ATE will concentrate on the trees surrounding the house for routine care. This every-other-year customized program allows for continual tree service so that potential diseases can be properly diagnosed and prevent overgrowth.

Jeff values ATE’s recommended and customized program for several reasons.

“We had a really bad thunderstorm a few years ago. My neighbors had trees down on their houses and on their wires. But me? I didn’t have any problems. Because I take regular care of my trees with American Tree Experts, they were less susceptible to failure with the strong winds.

I had an issue with an ash tree that was being treated, but Jesse Ziemienski, ATE’s Board-Certified Master Arborist, assured me that it was another fungus creating problems for the tree, not emerald ash borer (EAB). The ash tree the crew cut down by the lake this winter was not being treated. It was already dead. So far so good with the trees that are cared for by American Tree Experts.”