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As the seasons change, so to do the conditions that tree care professionals work in. In the coming weeks, when the snow starts to fall and conditions get slick, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) reminds us that it is critical that tree care be performed by someone certified and experienced. In cold, wet, and potentially icy weather, the stakes for safety are even higher.

“Because there are no federal requirements, not all tree care workers are properly trained and credentialed,” says Jim Skiera, recently retired ISA Executive Director. “ISA Certified Arborists are knowledgeable and specially equipped to provide proper tree care in a safe manner.”

Being struck by falling trees, the mishandling of chainsaws, and falling off ladders are just some of the misfortunes that can befall those inexperienced and unprepared to deal with the changing weather while performing tree care-related tasks. To help prevent such catastrophes, ISA recommends the following when hiring an arborist:

  • Always ask for ISA credentials up front to ensure the worker or company is properly trained and insured
  • Find out where the arborist has performed similar work and ask for references
  • Be cognizant of their gear; industry professionals will always wear hard hats, eye and hearing protection, and gloves when performing tree care tasks
  • Inquire about a work site safety assessment of your property before any activity begins

For more information about best practices in tree care safety, be sure to contact the ISA Certified professionals at American Tree Experts. For more information about the importance of hiring certified arborists, click here.

“Winter Wonderland” flickr photo by stashabella shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license